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FUZHOU PRIME POWER CO.,LTD (FUZHOU SUNSHINE MACHINERY CO.,LTD), specialized in design, assembly and distribute of generator sets, alternator and lighting tower. We aim to deliver uninterrupted power solutions to the people through sustainable improvement and innovation. Our generator set are with selected famous brand such as Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Doosan, MTU engine and Stamford, Leroy Somer alternator. All Sunshine's products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, and the quality of our product is of utmost importance to us. Sunshine's range of products are the result of three factors put together; many years of experience, innovative technology and the selection of high quality components.

Customer satisfaction is our key to success! Our team's initiative and skill, along with the flexibility of our production plant, nurture a culture of permanent innovation which ensures the uninterrupted power supply in your business.

We own our growth to the success of our dealer’s networks which represents a wealth of knowledge and experience, supporting Sunshine's products in the field. We are looking forward to cooperate and growing with old and new dealers.



Contact: Mr.Ben Liu

Phone: +86-13705041170

Tel: +86-591-83701531


Add: NO.6 Gulouyuan, Juyuanzhou Industrial Zone, Jinshan Development Area, Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

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