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Power Plants

Generator Set for Power Plant

PRIME POWER provides comprehensive solution for prime power generation on Power station. We are sophisticated on providing full solution on power station as we have involved in supplying for power stations construction around the world.

High quality generator sets are all paralleled, with auto remote control function, gen-set real time operation parameters and state will be monitored, and machinery will give immediate alarm to monitor equipment when faulty occurred.

PRIME POWER generators are designed for harshest weather condition, while maintain highly efficient and reliable to work 24/7 at site. PRIME POWER gen-sets are capable to operate continuously for 7000 hours per year.

Tailored for environment:

1.Working altitude suitable for 5000 meter or below.

2.Working temperature with minimum of around -40’C (engine heater)and maximum around 50’C.

3.Soundproof/Containerized type generator designed to being anti-rusty and it sufficiently avoid rain/sand/rock into the canopy, still maintain sufficient air intake. Low noise level of our soundproof gen-set. 30-40% noise level reduction compare to open type gen-set.

4.Auto-fuel-transfer system ensure engine to run continuously by transferring fuel from external tank to basement tank.

5.Large basement fuel tank to extend working hour to 12hours or 24hours, and auto fuel transfer system base on customer request.


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