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Generator Sets for Hospitals

In current times, power cuts in hospitals can have serious consequences. Although such failures are not a common occurrence, they represent a risk which all healthcare institutions must be prepared for.

Furthermore, to prevent all possible incidents, regulation requires all such institutions to be equipped with an autonomous and storable back-up energy source. The efforts made to meet with these obligations have resulted in the generalisation of standby generating sets in medical institutions.

Both in France and throughout the world, a large number of clinics and hospitals are equipped with PRIME POWER generating sets, able to provide an electricity supply around the clock in the event of a mains power failure.

PRIME POWER manages your project from A to Z:

  • Prior analysis of constraints and requirements of the project
  • Accompaniment, consultancy, diagnosis
  • Development of civil engineering guide drawings
  • Assessment of the project in terms of electrical requirements, taking into consideration the existing installation on site
  • Implementation of mechanical installation (in compliance with standards in force in terms of noise levels, pollution emissions and the environment)
  • Activation of the system
  • Maintenance
  • Installation follow-up (customer service) and remote monitoring


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