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Cummins Marine Engine

  • Cummins KTA19-M500 Marine Engine
Cummins KTA19-M500 Marine Engine

Cummins KTA19-M500 Marine Engine

  • Product description: Cummins KTA19-M500 Marine Engine

Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chongqing Cummins” or “CCEC“) was established in 1995, located in Chongqing City. It’s a modern manufacturer 50:50 Joint Venture shared by Chongqing Machinery CO. LTD and Cummins USA. The company mainly produces N, K, M series Cummins construction engine, diesel pump engine, marine engine, generators engine, KTA19-M500 marine engine is one of the engine family members, the specifications of Cummins KTA19-M500 marine engine as follows:

Cummins KTA19-M500 Diesel Engine for Marine
Engine Model KTA19-M500
Rated Power 373kW
Rated Speed 1800RPM
Engine Type 6 Cylinders, in Line
Bore*Stroke(mm) 159mm*159mm
Displacement 19 L
Compression Ratio 15.5:1
Peak Torque 1950N.m @1500r/min
Fuel Consumption 87 L/hr
Aspiration Type Turbocharged & Aftercooled
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Start Type 24V, Electric Start
Fuel System Direct Injection Pump
Governor Method Mechanical Governor
Packing Weight 2600KG
Dimension 2450mm*1150mm*2000mm

If you need the KTA19-M500 marine engine power pack with the marine gearbox, please further contact our sales.
(2) We can provide the KTA19-M500 complete marine engine, as well as the KTA19-M500 genuine Cummins engine parts.

(3) Cummins KT19 Series Marine Engine Model: KT19-M425, KTA19-M470, KTA19-M500, KTA19-M550, KTA19-M600, KTA19-M700.

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